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Below you will find a few select and important areas in the field of SEO optimization. That you should take care of as a priority. HEAD section optimization. The HEAD section is primarily meta tags found in the source code. Tags such as title and description provide both Google robots and users with information about. What they can expect when they go to a given subpage from search results. Well optimiz content is one of the important aspects when it comes to website positioning. The title should inform what topic the page is about.

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Due to the fact that it is taken into account as a ranking factor, it should also contain a key phrase for a given subpage. Description, in turn, is a description of the page that is display under the search results. Unlike the title, it is not a direct ranking Sweden Phone Numbers List factor, but it can encourage the searcher to visit the page, improve CTR. How to it title and description tags? The page title should be unique and contain a maximum of characters. It should be built around the key phrase for the subpage, and at the same time convincing and encouraging to click.

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The description should be around characters long and should be a short summary of the page content. The description should nevertheless be clear and concise, When creating meta data, avoid repeating the same words in the title and description tags, The tags should accurately reflect the content of the page, as confusing tags can discourage users and List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers negatively affect their experience on the page.. Optimization of H H headings Headers are an important part of your SEO strategy. They make it easier for Google robots to interpret content, and at the same time make even long text on a subpage more readable and customer friendly.

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