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Black Friday is approaching : be wary of excessive discounts and offers that are too cheap, as the risk of fraud is high . More importantly. If we’re not a business, why risk the reputation we’ve built with our customers with unbelievable offers. Black Friday 2022 is approaching and for days. Storefronts and sites have been promoting unmissable offers and discounts. According to the data provided by PwC, four out of five Spaniards intend to make purchases on the occasion of the next Black Friday (November 25) and Cyber ​​​​Monday (November 28).

It is still important to carefully

But not all bargains and can’t-miss deals are real: Black Friday deals are often scams . In many cases, we receive links to fake Iran Phone Number Lis pages in our emails. Created by hackers to steal our identities and banking credentials. This is a scam that goes far beyond a supposed price reduction . quick links 1. The Black Friday discount price scam 2. Do serious email marketing for Black Friday The price scam in Black Friday discounts Although there is no doubt about thevalue of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, especially at a time of severe consumer crisis, it is still important to carefully evaluate the real desirability of the offers .

A low price regardless of Black Friday


Today, many sales propositions designed specifically to promote products and services actually offer regular selling price . However, they List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers appear disguised as Black Friday, With a dedicated design and keywords linked to the concepts of discount, offer, savings, convenience. We will be made to emotionally and instinctively believe that. We are being part of a unique opportunity, when in reality the message is proposing products without a discount. In other cases, we could be faced with products and services of dubious value , with little appeal, or substitutes for their quality counterparts; all of them products or services with a low price regardless of Black Friday.

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