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Mark in r are comments whose implementation can have a significant impact on page spa. Tips with a moderate impact are mark in orange. You can check the impact of the values ​​of individual indicators. On the assessment of page spe in the Lighthouse calculator. Metrix The Metrix tool is another page spe test. In the free version. We get access to the website performance assessment in terms of the correctness of the website construction. And basic internet indicators only the desktop version, a PRO account is require for the mobile test pang Website spe analysis with the Metrix tool.

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In addition we get a visualization of the spa of loading individual page elements. Request after task in the form of a waterfall chart. How to read Metrix waterfall chart. Waterfall chart in Metrix The waterfall chart shows the website loading request by request. Every script or image file that your page loads is display here. Thanks to the waterfall Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number List chart, you can see what was load and in what order, as well as how long it took to process each request. In the first column you will find the names of files and resources, and more importantly, their extensions, which will tell you what type of resources you have a problem with.

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The second column contains response statuses with information. On whether the request was successful. The third and fourth columns contain information about the origin of the file and its size. At this stage, pay special attention to individual values ​​ if any of the files stand out significantly in size, it’s a sign of what should be dealt with first. The fifth List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers and most important column shows the specific duration requir to load each request. Pay attention to the colors of the horizontal stripes. Brown blocking waiting time of the request in the queue Blue DNS Lookup how long does it take to convert a hostname to an address.

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