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In this way we will collect best friends. An example of such a group An example of a group of mutual friends VKontakte Example of a Mutual Friends group You can act in two ways Send friend requests to people who have post friend ads. Enter your declaration of mutual entry. In the first few days, we add about people as friends. There is no longer any ne to not ignite with excessive activity. In the same way, you can hire the first members of the group. Just indicate in the ad that you are adding friends to each other and the groups will join each other. For the first week, do this with every account. Preferably at different times.

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As a result you should have friends in each account and about members in the group. An important point many friends obtain in this way will be bann in the next few days, so check every day for the presence of dogs in your group and Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List remove them. Bann users are call dogs. It nes to be remov so that the group itself is not bann from contacting admins. Since a large number of dogs means only artificial winding, which is prohibit by the rules. Vkontakte for natural promotion read get money. An example of a group with dogs from contact before laying down An example of a group with dogs after rotation.

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An example of a VK group with dogs Another option for getting initial followers is to buy them from a cheat service. I us VKtarget The cost of a subscriber is ruble. Here the quality of followers is higher than adding mutual friends. True, in a few days List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers about of the group will be fir, but this is not much. There are far fewer dogs. What does the paid method do here? In fact, it may even come out for free. The fact is that the same cheat service allows you to earn money by completing tasks. 

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