JCDecaux and the Madrid City Council take the Urban Poetry project

Madrid Capital of Fashion, an initiative of the Madrid City Council, presents “Urban Poetry. A project promoted together with JCDecaux. Therefore, madrid es Moda that will unite fashion designers with artists from different disciplines to promote Spanish designer fashion and highlight to the city’s creative talents. With “Urban Poetry” the Madrid City Council aims to give visibility to creative talents. Often unknown to the general public. Therefore, who live and develop their creativity in the capital. 

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The result of this synergy between category email list creatives can be seen on Serrano Street. Therefore, near Plaza de la Independencia, from September 27 to October 7 thanks to the collaboration between JCDecaux. Madrid es Moda and the Madrid City Council. Therefore, within the Madrid Capital de Moda project. This original installation in MUPIS “showcase” by JCDecaux also allows access. Through a QR code, to videos where the designers and florists tell in first person the concept of the work. The flowers used and their meaning. Therefore, as well as the conservation processes for to be able to have the flowers displayed for a week on the street.

Fashion reaches the streets of Madrid in the form of flowers

September is fashion month par excellence List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers in the capital. So this project joins the different initiatives that are activated by the Madrid City Council on the occasion of Fashion Week. This activity is also included in the Madrid es Moda agenda. Therefore, which extends its calendar to host different activities that will take place in the capital throughout the year with designer fashion as the protagonist. Urban Poetry” begins its activity with this floral theme. Therefore, will continue throughout 2023 with five more projects that will be displayed

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