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The description provid for the promotion must be as complete, detail and accurate. As possible, that is discount on all products with no minimum purchase Discounts on select products. The value of the exact promotion must be indicat Specify and specify the free items and their value in an offer If the promotion is focus on new customers, it must be specifi in the title of the promotion Register and get a discount on all our products If the discount is focus on a specific type of product, specify the type of product to which the discount will be appli discount on court shoes Do not create confusing titles in relation to the appli promotion.

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Indicates exact values ​​or at least the minimum value discount of up to discount between. And title formats Must not exce characters. The monetary value that appears in the title must correspond to the locale of the country that the promotion is targeting Promotions in Google Merchant Center should be concise, with no unnecessary or irrelevant text They USA Phone Number List must be written with grammatical and spelling correction Promotions policies Promotions policies require compliance with an important series of guidelines Provide Value they must include a monetary, percentage or service or product discount Follow the Shopping ads policies.

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Comply with Google’s itorial requirements for names Follow the lace requirements Avoid restrictive promotions Make clear the promotion that is includ and what products are includ Confirm receipt of promotion Include a code in shipping promotions Follow the policies of combin promotions To keep up to date with everything that happens in List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers Google Ads and be up to date with all the news, do not hesitate to visit our Blog If you are looking for strategies to attract potential customers or growth of your online store, we have what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us Google Merchant Promotions.

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