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As it will be visible to users It must describe, in a mandatory way otherwise it will not be approve The promotional value free gift, free shipping. The minimum purchase amount for the coupon promotion to be appli With this we make sure that the expectations regarding the promotion are as clear as possible promotion ID. This is an internal identifier to differentiate the Google Merchant Promotion from others and to segment it for one product or another see section It will not be visible to users Select products that we want to include in the promotion.

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Promotional code coupon and period of the promotion. Through this method, in about hours, Google will review semantics us in the title, if the coupon works on the select products with the establish conditions, etc and give us feback on the Google Merchant. Promotion Set up Google Merchant Promotions through a promotions fe It is an option that is somewhat Austria Phone Numbers List hidden and, perhaps, unknown, but the truth is that when you get us to it, it is very comfortable and easy to manage In the same section as before Marketing Promotions, at the top right, we have an outgoing link with the text Promotions fes Basically, the main difference is that instead.

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Of having to create and upload a Google Merchant Promotion every time there is an offer promotion discount in our Commerce we can automate its creation through a fe Select country, language and currency Choose fe upload method List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers spreadsheet, file or URL As if it were a product fe, we will have to select the corresponding spreadsheet, file or URL and configure its recovery schule Like a product fe, promotion fes have specific specifications at the attribute level We leave you an example As you can see, it doesn’t have any complications Can you imagine that your customers will send.

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