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In this case, earnings begin before a million. Here are some examples Commercial break. As mentione above, advertising is monetization, which is paid for by PR from the promote account. As soon as a certain number of users follow the profile updates, you can try to offer your services. Often,, subscribers are enough to sell the first ad. Promotion of your business. In our time, it has become popular to sort things out not only through Internet resources. Instagram is a place for aspiring businessmen who are ready to invest in PR companies. Instagram masks. A fairly new trend among bloggers at the moment is the sale of author’s masks in the application.

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Thanks to the ability to work in Photoshop and the presence of creativity, you can become a famous mask designer and earn money in this way. Work on Instagram How does the level of income depend on the number of subscribers Since income directly Ghana Mobile Number List depends on profile activity, it is important to know how many followers you ne to earn on Instagram. An advertising post can cost from to several hundre thousand rubles. For some major bloggers, rates even reach million rubles for ad. The average statistic looks like this A blogger with an audience of – thousand people can earn about thousand rubles a month.

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In this case, the cost of one post can be from rubles. Popular companies agre to cooperate with such accounts. Of course, a lot depends on the blogger himself. Someone places an ad every day for piece. – more times a wek. And for someone, pieces a List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers day, which can greatly annoy his audience. Authors with – thousand subscribers can publish promotional posts for about, rubles each. The cost is determine by the level of trust of their subscribers. Account owners with more than thousand real subscribers can borrow from thousand rubles for advertising or more.

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