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How is the training organiz? Each course consists of short video lessons. After each lesson, students are given a task. The great advantage of the course is the feback from the teachers themselves and the opportunity to ask questions during the learning process. Course creators. Fashion photographer Roman Lobastov and Gleb Minin graduat from the Higher. School of Audiovisual Arts LA FEMIS. Price. From rub. Influencer marketing working with bloggers and influencers Netology rubles course from month Start Anytime, Duration months, sessions per week Format online webinars are held, dz is check, there is a chat of cadets Opportunities help in finding a job, writing a resume and interview.

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Course on netology ru Mobile processing course by Yana Leventseva Who is it for? Blogger and anyone who wants to take interesting shots for Instagram. What will you know? Details of photo processing for the mobile fe. Creation of the correct frame, retouching, color correction, erasing and pasting objects. How is the training organiz? The course is Poland Mobile Number List in a Telegram channel with access to a chat with a teacher and curators. After studying the theory, students receive homework with subsequent consultations and advice from Yana. Course creator. Photographer and travel blogger Yana Leventseva with over, Instagram followers Price From rub.

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Convert Monster introduces Instagram Marketer This organization deals with issues relat to entrepreneurship and promotion on the Internet. On the Instagram Marketer course, you can learn various techniques for creating a page, attracting new customers, and promoting your project. Here you can learn how to create intuitive material List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers and create working texts. Here you will be taught to have a productive dialogue with those who maintain their pages. The good thing is that the whole project is real. As a result, the student receives a personal account. There is a mentor who can clarify all the nuances.

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