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With this approach, thousand active subscribers are enough. Potential earnings depending on the number of subscribers and niche Of course, the income of large influencers is always higher than those who are just starting to have an account. So, having thousand subscribers, you can earn thousand rubles on one post. However, already having thousand active subscribers, you can achieve a good level of earnings, receiving from to thousand rubles for advertising.

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It is worth considering that some niches are more profitable than others, which means that the topic of your blog is of great importance. Some of the most profitable niches on Instagram are travel, lifestyle, food, beauty, fashion, and fitness. Having chosen a general topic, it is desirable to narrow it down to a specific direction. For example, if you want to Portugal Mobile Number List make money from travel, you can focus on how to travel with little to no money, or on the culinary traditions of different countries. The typical travel blog will get lost in the noise unless you have something special. But here it is important not to fall into the trap of your own choice because of too narrow an argument.

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The chosen topic should be interesting to discuss and allow you to come up with new content ideas for many months. Over the past couple of years, brands that previously targete influencers with millions of followers have completely change their business strategy and starte working with lowerlevel influencers. This shift came about as Gen Z prioritize List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers authenticity. While older people earn more money per post, many brands are less likely to target them because profiles with smaller audiences are more likely to have higher engagement and trust scores. Subscribers are more likely to believe what lesserknown local bloggers are offering or selling. For businesses, this means lower advertising costs and higher actual sales.

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