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Access to private chat and additional video tutorials on photo iting, personal branding and target advertising. Course creator. Internet marketer, entrepreneur and millionaire Maria Solodar, whose blog has more than, subscribers. Teachers. The author of the best women’s travel blog according to the Succesful Ladies Awards Anna Rai with. million followers on Instagram. Travel photographer and blogger Sergey Kabankov. Price From rub. Webinars from Ohmygod Agency Who is it for? Bloggers and SMM specialists. What will you know? What bloggers are silent about choosing a stimulating blog topic and step by step drawing up an account development plan.

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Hundrs of storytelling ideas, reach and engagement. Cases of excitement are realiz, for example, the rejection of jaundice. How is the training going? Recordings of webinars and access to a private chat in Telegram. Course creator. Agency for working with bloggers Ohmygod Agency. Teachers. Agency director and blogger Elena Zubkova. Specialist Philippines Mobile Number List in personal brand packaging on Instagram. Lena’s blog has over, subscribers. Price Since rub Praktika school Who is it for? Marketer and Entrepreneur. What will you know? Ideas for social networks, gamification, creating target ads on Instagram. Creating a layout, iting video and developing masks.

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How is the training organiz? A subscription gives you access to a platform that releases or more new courses per month. Students have access to previously publish lessons. Course creator. Entrepreneur and IT blogger Snezhana Ivanova with over, Instagram followers. Teachers AR designer and blogger Alena Geyser, gamification specialist Dmitry List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers Zvezdun, writer Artem Senatorov and others. Price Since rub. In the month Mobile content school ZOOM Who is it for? Bloggers, SMM specialists and anyone who wants to create mobile content. What will you know? There are courses on the platform dicat to mobile photography and video shooting. Each will cover framing, lighting, color matching, photo manipulation, types of shooting, and creating an Instagram account.

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