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Analysis of traffic on the website and subpages SEO audit should also address the issues of current website traffic, downward or upward trend, and identify possible reasons for this state of affairs. UBbxB.png. Indexing checking if the page is index correctly and if there are no problems with the accessibility of the page for Google robots, or if the page is not block by a robots.txt file is another technical area that must be check. kcJGW.png. URL structure analysis A well thought out URL structure is extremely important both from the point of view of Google robots and the end user.

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In an ideal situation, you should make sure that navigation on the site is understandable and well thought out already at the stage of creating the page. This will also help you avoid the potential problem of content duplication and keyword cannibalization.. Images and ALT attributes Next on the list, but equally crucial, is how you describe the images Spain Phone Numbers List you publish on your pages. The SEO audit will detect whether the website has properly defin graphics, in accordance with the content and key phrases on the page on which they are locat.. Core Web Vitals indicators page loading spe, rendering time, layout stability and loading individual elements.

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Visible to the user affect the quality of the page reception by a potential customer. Data meta title and description are mandatory areas for verification and possible supplementation. ImG a.png. Content analysis SEO audit should also verify the List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers quality of content plac on subpages, its uniqueness or key phrases. SEO optimization From the above paragraphs, you already know that the mere fact of having a website or a store will not contribute to an increase in traffic. You also know that the website optimization process should be spread over time, regular and well thought out.

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