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We had the opportunity to conduct many behind the scenes talks during industry integration meetings, as well as take part in a conference that discussed many current topics related to the world of Google Ads advertising and running a digital marketing agency. xhipr.jpg UuduI.jpg Internal training Constantly expanding knowledge and acquiring new skills is not only about away meetings, but also group analyses, optimizations and regular internal trainings, as well as various online courses.

It Is Important To Manage Your Advertising

Joint analysis of key clients is a field for exchanging experiences and talking about new products in the industry often in combination and with the use of the most advanced software available on the market. Thanks to joint action, we efficiently introduced all novelties, such as Performance Max, which we successfully tested with our clients almost Costa Rica Mobile Number List from the beginning of. The format itself became widely popular only in July and August. Myki and Trike We haven’t been idle during the holiday season Although it might seem that it is the cucumber season, we tried to give something from ourselves. We have created a series of videos called Myki i Tricia.

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Budget Wisely Which Gives You More

This is a series of video tips for e commerce where without advertising complicated tools, we provide practical tips that absolutely anyone even without professional knowledge can implement in their advertising activities. We addressed the issue of content recycling, Google Analytics, Performance Max, effective sales on Facebook and the ability to List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers select keywords and SEO subpages. Webinars with Diesel We also shared our knowledge during webinars for Diesel. Here we touched on the topic of GA again, but also the positioning of the online store and the creation of advertisements on FB. At the end of December, we were proud to receive information that two of our videos were in the TOP most watched webinars in Ideal.

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