How often do you send your Email 

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email marketing been done? 2. Is it effective to send the same email multiple times? 3. The database of email addresses: a key element of the marketing strategy 4. Three steps to better manage your email database 4.1. Segment the email address database 4.2. Constantly update the database ofemail addresses 4.3. Schedule shipments consistently 5. The email address database is therefore a living tool Since when is email marketing done? Email is one of the longest-lived elements of the web.

The first shipments date back


But it is over the years and in its subsequent evolutions that email has begun to assume a crucial role in the commercial strategies List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers of companies and professionals, to the point of becoming a true marketing tool with a thousand variants. Until the early 2000s , the use and sending of emails was a prerequisite for a formal dialogue between companies, most of the time carried out over the phone or in person by sales or contact area managers.

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