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In the same rule but for the rule to be activate all the conditions must be met. For example, we add to the previous condition that the results are greater than in this case the rule would only be activate. When the cost per result is between and the results are greater than. Some of the conditions that we can use are Cost per item add to cart cost per lead. Cost per app download cost per purchase cost per result. Content views on the website cost per impressions. Frequency Impressions Scope Results spending limit bid amount Estimate Budget Spend Percentage.

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Percentage of audience reach Uptime in seconds. Current time We define these conditions with additional criteria such as is greater than, is less than, is between or is not between, for logical expressions, and time intervals and attribution. Examples of automat rules in Facebook Ads We have thought of five examples of automat rules in Facebook. Ads that will surely Netherlands Phone Numbers List help you optimize your time and, above all, your campaigns, ad sets and ads Activate and deactivate a campaign at a specific time We will start with a basic rule, activate and deactivate campaigns automatically, this is useful when we want to activate promotions, for example, with Black.

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Friday we want campaigns to be activat and deactivat automatically For this we will create two rules one that activates the campaign and another that deactivates it First we will select the action to activate or deactivate, respectively, and then we will establish List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers the condition of current time is between and , so that the first hour of this day is activat We can adjust this time to what we consider most convenient for us automat rules in Facebook Ads Set notifications to notify you of budget spending Suppose we have a campaign with a budget limit.

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