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I do not advise anyone to blindly copy. But at the same time, you ne to look at other bloggers and apply work patterns to attract and warm up the audience to your LB. Promotion of a personal brand on Instagram the main recommendations Of course, getting a banner from Instagram is an honor and useful. But, as you may have guess, this is not an easy task. Users get reject more often than they approve. However, the promotion of a personal brand on Instagram can be built effectively and without an expensive “tick”. Let’s list the main points Choose a topic, define the main idea and strategy.

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It depends on what audience you are targeting. For example, home cooking company Dr. Oetker has creat an interactive recipe book on Instagram. Any visitor can use them. Promoting a personal brand on Instagram basic tips Find out how you can help Senegal Mobile Number List your subscribers. Provide useful information, inspire and motivate, solve problems. For example, Dr. Oetker offers not only recipes for desserts, but also life tricks that make cooking easier. Promoting a personal brand on Instagram basic tips Prepare a content plan. You ne to add posts at least times a day.

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At a time when your potential subscribers are present on the site. Post only appetizing photos. Regularly post reposts from the pages of other users. Take advantage of the Bon Appetito experience. In his account, he republishes culinary recipes in which List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers his brand tags are add. Obviously the name of the author is requir, a link to his profile. The company profitably dilutes the content. And followers are very happy to join Instagram Bon Appetito. Personal branding on Instagram will stop if you don’t learn how to choose hashtags. They must be includ in every description. 

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