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Visualization duration hours Certificate. Learning format view lessons in free mode. Training program specially designe for beginners who take their first steps in the profession. The material will help you understand the intricacies of setting up advertising in Yandex direct and Google Ads. What are you learning Contextual advertising principles. What tools are use to personalize ads. Principles of budget calculation. Main types of campaigns. How to use keywords and collect semantics. Features of working with YAN and Google Ads.

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Advertising automation methods. Professionals Short duration of classes up to minutes. Update information. You can ask a question below the video. There are links to other useful resources. Flaws Nobody. About the author Konstantin Naichukov, paid traffic expert. Yandex Direct courses from eucational schools The first thing to remember Honduras Mobile Number List is that there is no such thing as quality streaming learning. If you enroll in a course that has people attending at the same time, the chance of leaving with a solid background tends to zero. Because? It’s simple. In order for you to master the skill, you nee to have an experience person above you who will quickly pry into your mistakes and see to them correcte.

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As a rule, schools have curators who are suppose to perform these functions, but in fact the curator himself knows little about what he teaches. Otherwise, would he work at some school, such as Synergy or Skillbox, with a salary of, rubles, and spend List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers all his time on a few dozen students about whom he is indifferent? Most likely, this same curator is not a particularly successful director, who a year ago, like people on the stream, took a course on Yandex Direct. To understand this, you nee to turn your head every time someone offers you something to learn.

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