Definition of objectives

This form of marketing has established itself starting from the most recent technological developments which have made possible a profound diversification of the methods of interaction between companies and customers, one of which is marketing automation . relationship marketing: definition The benefits of relationship marketing Result of the awareness that current customers are in all respects the key to the company’s long-term success , relationship marketing has their loyalty as a priority objective.

Instead of devoting one’s attention to

new potential customers, relationship marketing focuses on developing and maintaining strong relationships with existing Russia Phone Number List customers . This logic allows brands to obtain important Italy Phone Number List advantages. Economic saving The cost of maintaining a relationship with existing customers is generally lower than that of acquiring new customers . Keeping a satisfied customer takes less effort and investment than attracting and convincing new customers to try the company’s products or services. On the other hand.

In the latter case it is just a question


of creating a relationship and gaining the trust of a consumer who has not shown any preference so far. As a result, List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers companies can optimize marketing budgets by focusing efforts and resources on satisfying and retaining existing customers. Customer loyalty Customer retention leads to higher customer retention . A satisfied customer tends to repurchase several times from brands they trust , demonstrating greater loyalty than those who have not yet established a relationship with the company.

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