Google Fonts on your website?

Google Fonts is a vast database of fonts. Which web or app developers can use on Android websites or apps simply by referring to a standard style sheet. However. Nothing is given away and in exchange Google tracks the user’s IP without the user’s knowledge. Well.. A connection to Google’s servers is established with each web visit and your web visitor’s IP address is shared with Google.

This means that you share personal data with Google under the GDPR

The same logic applies by analogy to many other tools and plug-ins that share IP addresses with third parties. Such as Google Recaptcha. We immediately consulted our web agency Okappi ourselves . Because the font on our website is Heebo and this is also a Google Font… Google Fonts Web builders and online marketers are obviously familiar with Google Fonts. but for those who are not familiar with  Buy TG Number Data the world of web design. We can briefly say that Google Fonts is a vast database of fonts. Which web or app developers can use on websites or Android apps simply by referencing a standard stylesheet. Google Fonts contains over  different fonts and is used by over 50 million websites worldwide. 

We won't go into the technical details and consequences for your website's page

loading speed of choosing one or the other. There are many online resources that are more technically literate than us and explain the advantages and disadvantages of local hosting, whether or not it is combined with a content delivery network or CDN like Cloudflare.

Our web developer Okappi assures us that, as things currently stand, from a technical perspective, there is little to no reason not to host fonts locally. If local hosting  List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers is set up correctly, the impact on the loading speed of web pages (and therefore indirectly also on the SEO score) should even be positive. 

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