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You can create an unlimit number of sites, add products to. The catalog and photos to the Photo Gallery section. An SSL certificate is also includ. The minimum fee, at which there is no advertising, will cost rubles per month for websites and rubles per month for online stores. When you connect it, you will receive, rubles for contextual advertising on Google. You can create an unlimit number of event pages for free. If the event is paid, the company takes a commission. of sales. Nethouse tariffs Accounting and customer management A clear CRM system is already built into the landing page builder. Now all orders are stor in one place.

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The service automatically calculates the profit and profitability of each order. Write down all the necessary information in the client card Expenses and income You can use a simple income and expense form for each client. The system will automatically calculate the profitability and profit. Application source Using referral queues, you can keep track Taiwan Mobile Number List of what site or search query a client is coming from. Application Source Order status The new application enters the CRM system with the New status. After processing the application, you can change the status to Complet or specify another Accept payment for services or goods in a way convenient for you.

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One of the most popular services in a couple of clicks. This is a website builder with minimal functionality. Bas on experience, this will be done by novice users who have never creat blogs, online stores or landing pages on their own. The algorithm of work is a List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers little nonstandard Choose from site types. For example, a blog, an online store, transport services, resumes, portfolios, etc. Choose the type of site that suits you. Keep in mind that if the layout doesn’t suit you, you’ll ne to create a new site, as you won’t be able to change the type in the future.

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