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Finds emails and other Evaboot vs phantombuster See Phantombuster Alternatives Captain Data Captain Data is a data automation platform offering a nocode solution for sales marketing and operations. captain data scrupp alternative It specializes in data extraction enrichment and integration with other tools aiming to automate and streamline various business processes. Its like a more premium version of Phantombuster. You are not so handson and you would like to be helped by an account manager building your lead generation machine.

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Can be a fit for you. Features Data Special Data Extraction and Automation Automates datarelated tasks. Nocode Platform Accessible for users without coding skills. Integration with Various Tools Enhances workflow efficiency. Pricing Trial 0 for 7 days 1000 credits. Scale 999month 50000 creditsmonth. Enterprise Custom pricing starting at 30kyear 250000 creditsmonth. captain data pricing Derrick App Derrick is a LinkedIn data importer for Google Sheets enabling users to create targeted lead lists with ease. It integrates with Google Sheets to scrape LinkedIn profiles enriching data with emails and other details in seconds. derrick scrupp alternative.

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Workflow seamlessly Email List importing and enriching data from LinkedIn to Google Sheets. Features LinkedIn Integration Imports and enriches data from LinkedIn profiles. Google Sheets Compatibility Direct integration for data management. Data Enrichment details from LinkedIn. Pricing Free Plan Offers basic features with 200 data enrichment per month. Paid Plans Include additional features and higher data enrichment. Derrick pricing Skrapp Skrapp is a B2B email. Finder and outreach tool that is designed to help professionals with email marketing and outreach campaigns. It uses public data to find verified professional email addresses reducing the time spent on email research skrapp scrupp alternative Data You can compare Skrapp and Evaboot Sales.

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