Fear of Spam Harming Online Loyalty Programs

Fear of spam is causing more consumers to think twice. before providing their email address for a loyalty program in which they want to participate. This is the conclusion reached by an investigation carried out by the company Maritz Loyalty Marketing, based in the United States. The immediate consequence of this fact is that marketing. Professionals find it increasingly difficult to get customers to be part of these programs, which explains why only. 20% of loyalty communications are made through email.


This forces companies to

Offer additional rewards such as reward points and executive data redeemable bonuses, in exchange for the customer providing their email address. Leader in Interactive Mobile Services, is the largest. European company in the sector of creation. Production and or aggregation and distribution of multimedia content. Especially in the field. Of entertainment services, through email and telephone. In addition to Italy, Buongiorno-MyAlert-Vitaminic operates through controlled companies in Spain (with the MyAlert brand), Portugal. The United Kingdom, France, Germany and Austria.


The Group, which is listed on the

Nuovo Mercato in Milan, plans List of real mobile phone numbers to end 2003 with. A turnover of between 52 and 56 million Euros, a considerable increase Fear of compared to 2002 in which it achieved 40 million Euros. This 2002 turnover was, in turn, 37% higher than in 2001. The year in which the Group invoiced 29. 3 million Euros. The company. Carries out its activity in two lines of business – digital marketing services (marketing services) and value-added services for mobile and fixed telephony users (consumer services) – which synergistically encompass aggregation competencies. content, digital marketing and technology management of a team made up of more than 300 professionals throughout Europe.

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