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This tool allows us to see these metrics at different levels, such as campaign, account, ad group or keyword In addition, it allows us to cross reference it with other types of information, such as cost, conversion value or CTR Hint to get more out of Data layer Although there are metrics, such as ROAS, that Google does not show for the columns by moment of conversion, with Data layer we can extract both data to a spreadsheet and do the calculation directly there, to leave the information to our clients well chew Other metrics that we can get thanks to Data layer In addition to viewing conversions by conversion time in Data studio.

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Data layer allows us to integrate and cross data from other platforms, such as Facebook, Tiktok or Twitter In this article we leave you with another metrics that Google does not allow to extract directly with its connectors but with Data layer they Dubai Phone Number List are a piece of cake Still don’t know how to configure your reports? If you can’t understand the data from your Paid Mia strategies, give us a whistle We will be happy to help you not only to visualize the data, but also to understand and improve it Get the Most Out of Your Product Catalog with Facebook Complementary Lists.

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Table of Contents How to use Facebook Complementary Lists How to Upload Facebook Complementary List How to Take Advantage of Facebook Companion Fes Improve the images of our Facebook product catalog Add custom information to your Facebook products with Companion Fes The alternative to updating products manually We are already List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers here with a new chapter of the Meta universe, the second part of the product catalogues , and this time we promise to surprise you with the things we can do with the complementary lists on Facebook Come on, we anticipate that it will be a Very complete post.

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