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As we like For those who do not know what Facebook supplementary lists are. They are data fes that provide information about the product/s that complements one or more of the main catalogs or lists that you have available. That is, they serve to improve the items with additional. Attributes or update the available ones. This can be very useful, for example, if Facebook or Instagram. Does not allow a certain product to be sold in the store. That you can it the attribute that is causing the error. In other words. Merchant’s complementary fes are call complementary lists in meta How to use Facebook Complementary.

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Lists As we have comment before, the complementary. Facebook fe is us to complement the information that we send in our main product catalog, so it is logical to think that we ne to have a product identifier that helps us to match between France Mobile Number List the main fe and the fe complementary Therefore the ID attribute must match exactly in both lists. If both the main fe and the complementary fe send the same attribute for the same product, the value of the complementary fe will automatically override the value of the main fe In addition to the above.

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These listings cannot add or remove items in the main catalog. Nor can they update certain attributes such as the ID obviously , the price price the offer price sale price the availability availability and the quantity The fields allow in the complementary lists of Facebook are the following title, description. Everything you ne to know about catalog List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers management , so you don’t get lost along the way Another aspect to take into account is that you must have Catalog Administrator permission to be able to add these fes in Commerce Manager Here’s a little help on the issue of permissions.

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