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Accounts and a shopping cart. Possibilities Register for events or sell tickets for free. Receive notifications from Telegram. For example, on a new order. Sell ​​with coupon codes and discounts. Separate access rights for different users. Notify customers about order status via SMS. Create a multilevel product catalog with filters, sorting and product search. Upload products to Yandex Market. Set up and send mailing lists directly from the administration area. Turn on the feature of preliminary moderation of the review on the site. Accept payments through Yandex Checkout. Connect Google Analytics and Yandex Merika, Amcor Misled, Big Bird.

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Work with delivery services SDEK, Russian Post, Boxberry. Add YouTube, RuTube, Vimeo videos to the site. Minus you will not be able to register a personal account of the buyer of the online store. In the site administration panel, it is possible to configure Nigeria Mobile Number List the parameters of the online store set the minimum order amount and free shipping, specify the numbering of articles, set up payments, export and import of goods, and much more. In the corresponding section, you can create promotional codes. For example, make a discount on a purchase of more than thousand rubles you can substitute any number here or sell certain goods at a r up price.

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What can be done for SEO Create sitemap xml and robots txt. Register tags title, description, keywords, titles and subtitles, alt. Set up the CNC site. Rates In the free version of the constructor, you can create an unlimit number of sites, add products to List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers the catalog and photos to the Photo Gallery section. An SSL certificate is also includ . The minimum fee, at which there is no advertising, will cost rubles per month for websites and rubles per month for online stores. When you connect it, you will receive, rubles for contextual advertising on Google.

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