Content Marketing Health Checkup

The months of June Mid-Year-Content-Marketing-Health Checkupand July are a great time to reflect on your content marketing strategy. What’s working What’s not What nees to change for the fall season As you complete your internal audit. consider some ideas and questions that will help you level up your program. Content Marketing Health Checkup. Remove the writer If your internal experts or story contacts aren’t good at writing. don’t force them to do it.

Use a professional writer to

Interview the person. Have an expert check the accuracy of the information and let the writer Special Database complete the work. Some innovative companies working with CMI have remove all writing assignments from their employees and given them to outside writers. It saves your employees time and eiting time. and in most cases produces much better content. If your internal experts aren’t adept at writing. don’t force them to write. says JoePulizzi. Click to Tweet Hand-picke relevant content: How to hire freelancers to improve your content partner with I think it would be

Attractive for more companies

To not partner with non-competitive. Businesses on content marketing projects. And instead choose to List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers go it alone. By partnering. we can share the cost of your project and double your distribution. Our website would not have been possible in 2010 without our five partners who help fund and promote our content. train speakers IBM has been working on an internal influencer program for years. working to develop employees into potential speakers and dynamic keynote speakers. Every company of every size nees to have a plan to find. develop. and grow speaking talent. With corporate events on the rise. there are more opportunities than ever to speak at events (and webinars). but to take advantage of these

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