Buongiorno- Myalert First to Launch the Subscription Alerts Service in Spain

Buongiorno-MyAlert, the Spanish-Italian company, European leader in interactive mobile services, takes a new step forward, being the first to launch the Buongiorno- Myalert subscription alert service on the market through a short number, 5577. The company is also a leader of this service in Portugal, where it was the first to launch this type of service, as well as in Italy. The catalog of alerts is very extensive and has very varied categories such as informative news, jokes, poems, goal alerts, sports results and horoscopes, among others.


The company is finalizing

A stock market information alert and a large number executive email list of new contents will be added in the coming weeks. Users will be able to subscribe to the content and information that interests them most. At the moment the service is available for Movistar users. To register and try the service you have to send the word ALERT plus GOALS followed by the name of a team or ALERT plus POEM, ALERT JOKE or ALERT HOURS SIGN, for example, to 5577 and the cost for this service is only 0. 20 euros per message received.


Buongiorno-MyAlert has been

A pioneer in this type of service with such popular List of real mobile phone numbers alerts as stock market quotes and soccer goals in real time, blood Buongiorno- Myalert donors and breaking news among others, reaching more than 1.5 million customers. Buongiorno-MyAlert also has an important catalog of mobile multimedia content that exclusively includes Looney Tunes, South Park content and Just for Laughs comedy videos, as well as 500,000 songs from Vitaminic, a company acquired by Buongiorno-MyAlert last month. July. The company also has 27 mobile operators as mobile content and technology clients.

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