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An example of a vertical profile for a VKontakte avatar For a vertical image, the minimum size is limit by the width of the photo. That is, it is impossible to set the avatar in horizontal orientation. Choose an orientation for a vertical VKontakte avatar The maximum height is limit to the previously mention px value, which can be chang to the minimum size. Depending on the mark area, when ava is install, the allow area for preview selection is determin. The thumbnail itself is strictly limit to the square orientation and width set for the main profile photo. VKontakte avatar preview it.

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This concludes this section of the article, as we have cover all the most important aspects. Cover size for the mobile version of the site IMPORTANT More than of daily traffic in VK comes from mobile devices, so you ne to take into account the elements of the mobile phone interface and make appropriate indents pixels at the top and pixels Indian Phone Number List at the ges. Mobile coverage margin Photo album. Size by There is a subtlety to photo album covers the bottom ge of the image overlaps the album title and is darken. This darkening is interesting to reproduce in design. Photo album cover Photo album cover Photo album cover size.

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The recommend image size for an album cover is pixels. In the mobile version, the cover will be display at a size of less than pixels the size will be pixels. Photo album cover size Stories. Size by video by Therefore, stories from a computer List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers cannot be publish yet. But you can prepare a template in advance, download it to your phone and publish it. History Screen Stories Banner. Size by Banners can be of different sizes. Remember banner width must be at least px. If you make it smaller, the banner will be narrower than the ribbon size and there will be empty space on the right. 

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