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Eric Enge left Stone Temple Consulting in . Matt Cutts no longer works at Google. SEOs When ask a more direct follow-up question. bard hallucinat about gender. SEO experts in the world These examples show that although it provides some correct Ask Google Bard answers. it can still produce hallucinations. Therefore . you should use these tools with caution when doing copywriting. If you use Bard in your research. you should always verify the results manually. I also ask Bard to summarize one of our articles and it gave a good answer. Easily create employee handbooks or internal documents Output example When I ask Notion AI to write an article on the basics of SEO .

One advantage of Bard

Compar to the free version of ChatGPT is that you can insert a URL to get a summary. This is a great time-saving tool that helps you quickly Whatsapp Mobile Number List summarize an article and get to the key points. . Notion AI Notion AI page Features Optional additional services per member per month for /month User friendly and fast Notion may not be the first place you think of when talking about AI writing. but it has impressive AI integration. is fast. and is user-friendly.

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Notion before. you’ll find it easy to use. scenes to be us. Notion says key features are “work faster. write better. and think wider.” I notic that to access the. AI ​​menu. you only ne to press the. key on your keyboard. which means the number of mouse Estonia Phone Number List clicks requir to generate the content is minimal. In my opinion. Notion is one of the easiest-to-use AI copywriting tools that can increase productivity. -action copy Create ad copy. Create social mia copy .Export to markdown or HTML Write drafts of meta descriptions. title tags. and basic website copy. Create a draft outline for your article

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