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The allowable amount of advertising, and most importantly, what exactly will be advertise. For example, a health food blog clearly cannot advertise alcoholic beverages. A vegetarian profile should not include advertisements for meat products, etc. Stay connecte with your followers. You nee to communicate with subscribers, respond to their comments, ban aggressive users, conduct story polls, regularly post new posts with quality content. All of these activities will ensure public participation. This means that when the page owner places an advertisement, he will definitely read it. Find a permanent advertiser. Collaborating with someone on an ongoing basis is more profitable than looking for a new offer every time.

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Search ads from advertisers are place in specialize services. The actions are not that difficult. The main thing is persistence! How much money can you make on Instagram There is no definite answer to this question. The final income of the account Ireland Mobile Number List depends on how you earn and on the number of subscribers. But if we talk about averages, which are quite realistic to achieve, the overall picture is as follows Blogging from rubles for commercial post. Account promotion from rubles for project. Earnings from comments, likes, subscriptions no more than rubles per day.

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Affiliate programs rubles from the sale of product etc. Particularly enterprising money makers don’t just make money from an account. For example, if you are busy managing other people’s Instagram profiles, then after considering only projects, the minimum List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers earnings will be, rubles. Plus, you can work from the comfort of your home. Ways to make money on Instagram Revenue on Instagram does not always depend on the number of followers, likes, ads sold, etc. It is impossible to say whether one million Instagram followers is enough for a blogger and how much money such an account earns. But business is a completely different story.

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