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To be convinc of this, it is enough to look at the history of the former. TV presenter Ksenia Borodina her presence in the rating seems to be suggestive. Timati Subscribers million Timati, a veteran of Russian hip-hop, will not leave the best. Instagram to his subscribers. The break with the Black Star label did not hurt the artist’s popularity at all, at least in the followers’ Instagram since then it has only increas. No. Pavel Volya Subscribers. million Another platform from which the careers of many successful Russian stars once began is the Comy Club.

Is A Cabaret Comy Club As Well

Well the most famous comian in this environment, of course, is Pavel Volya. At least in terms of the size of Instagram, the rest of the Comy residents cannot compete with it. No. Egor Cre Subscribers. million Everything is fine after parting with Black Star and another artist Yegor Cre. He successfully tries his hand at new musical genres, and enthusiastic Luxembourg Mobile Number List fans still buy tickets for all concerts. Attach is a large and successful instagram. No. Oksana Samoilova Subscribers million Outside of social networks, little is known about Oksana Samoilova, but on Instagram, the wife of rapper Dzhigan is a real celebrity. And not only thanks to her successful husband.

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As A Participant And Host Of Many

Oksana is a business woman and a mother of many children, and most of the content on her account is dicat to family and children, which attracts people very much. No. Gohar Avetisyan Subscribers. million Gohar Avetisyan is a beauty blogger List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers from Armenia, one of the best stylists and a real magician when it comes to makeup and everything connect with it. Every day, millions of girls come to look at her photos and read her advice. Eighth place Justin Bieber Canadian Justin Bieber, rank fourth and also the only non citizen in.

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