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Generation Z people are a very demanding audience especially when it comes to communication and interaction with brands. The main problem is that most brands have not been able to understand the ‘zetek’ so far. Generation Z is known for being more attach to its phones than any other device. Reports indicate that more than half of this generation spends more than hours a day on their smartphones the vast majority of that time is spent on social mia and messaging.

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Research shows that Generation Z is more concern about social and environmental issues than previous generations. They are more aware of their impact on the environment and social issues, which translates into their purchasing decisions they are more interest in purchasing products and services from companies that operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Generation Z is also more interest in purchasing products online than older Armenia Mobile Number List generations. Research shows that over % of of this generation shop online at least once a month, and more than half of them believe that it is more convenient to shop online than in a brick and mortar store. Generation Z reach channels Social mia young people spend most of their time on Facebook, Instagram.

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Importantly, they also show great confidence in the content publish there. YouTube the number one source of information, entertainment and Knowle for Generation Z. Communicators young people use text messages less and use messengers such as WhatsApp, Messenger or Discord more often. This is important information for marketers, because in List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers some of these applications e.g. in Messenger it is possible to display paid advertisements. Influencers representatives of Generation Z follow an average of influencers, mainly from the areas of entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, sports or games. In many cases, they recognize them as opinion leaders on a given topic.

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