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Other important indicators First Concertful Paint FCP determines the time it takes from when the page starts loading until the content is visible to the user. It is recommend that the first display of content lasts a maximum of. seconds. Time to First Byte an indicator measuring the time from sending an HTTP request to the first server response. It allows you to identify when our server is too slow. It is assume that the time to the first byte should be. seconds. Interaction to Next Paint INP – an experimental metric that measures website responsiveness and interaction issues by counting all clicks made by the user.

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Good responsiveness means INP up to milliseconds. We must also point out that the above measurements and indicators illustrate an ideal situation, often difficult to achieve. It depends on the type of page, its size or the solutions us. For example, an online store with a wide range of products and an extensive menu will score lower Cambodia Mobile Number List than a static service page with several tabs. Therefore, it is worth including competition analysis in your analysis and looking at the assessment of the loading spe of competing websites.

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JavaScript And Delay Loading Scripts

This can significantly verify the requirements and give you a real goal worth striving for. How to spe up page loading. The most common errors in page spe analysis Now that you have a complete picture of what the ideal loading spe is for each feature, it’s worth considering why the page is taking so long to load. In addition to the site specific reasons we mention List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers above, there are a few things you can take care of that will certainly make loading easier. It will certainly be choosing the right hosting and server, activating Google AMP, resigning from frills and unnecessary additions on the website pop up windows, banners or decorative falling snow, as well as general simplification of the website.

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