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But he has million followers and a reputation as a young man. Bieber Who has the most followers on Instagram Golden Ten am current year The -year-old Bieber, who became a sex symbol in the blink of an eye, sings pop and R B songs and has his army of young fans who regularly look at and enjoy his photos, helping Justin stay in the TOP. rd place Timati co-founder of the Black Star label The next top blogger is a rap artist, co-founder of the Black Star label Tamai. His popularity on stage gave him the opportunity to rack up. million followers on his Instagram profile.

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Instagram Tamai th place Ksenia Borodin a famous TV presenter with a large number of subscribers Today, the Dom project has significantly increased the popularity of many celebrities. Next in terms of the number of subscribers on our list Macedonia Mobile Number List is Ksenia Borodino. It is unlikely that anyone needs to explain who this woman is. She is often called to various events and TV shows. Borodino’s Instagram page Seventh place Taylor Swift Another beautiful American singer has dropped two spots on the charts and is now number six on the Instagram Top.

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Taylor Swift is a country rock songwriter and Forbes Magazine’s highest paid celebrity of. She is also the most successful digital artist in the history of music with over music awards. Taylor Swift has million followers. Swift Who has the most followers List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers on Instagram Golden Ten am current year Previously, Dwayne Johnson was ranked seventh. st place Khabib Nurmagomedov fighter, top blogger from Russia It is no secret that sport is the most interesting and popular topic. The first line in terms of the number of subscribers is occupied by the famous Russian blogger Khabib Nurmagomedov. UFC Lightweight Champion and more. He has his own website and a popular Instagram account with. million followers.

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