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Television Millennials are less likely to watch television than older generations, but still spend about two hours a day in front of television sets. Marketing for Generation Y Key Principles Social Mia Activity Millennials are the digital generation, so it’s important to have a strong online presence and be active on a variety of social mia channels. Valuable content generation Y is more willing than other generations to share valuable content with others, which is why it is important to publish quality content. Personalization representatives of appreciate the feeling of individual treatment.

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That is why it is so important to adapt your communication to the individual nes and preferences of recipients. It is worth remembering, especially with e mail marketing campaigns. It is not enough to just indicate the recipient’s name, but it is also Argentina Mobile Number List worth matching the content itself to the problems, challenges or simply the recipient’s shopping habits. Engagement it is worth encouraging the Y generation to actively participate in the brand’s activities, for example by inviting them to participate in social campaigns or jointly create content. Millennials are eager to engage in such activities. Transparency and curability Millennials willingly share their opinions on products and services.

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Therefore it is important to act in a transparent, ethical and honest way, because otherwise you can expose yourself to unfavorable customer reviews. Values ​​ for generation Y, the price is not the most important selection criterion. They willingly reach for products of brands that share similar values ​​with themselves. You can reach millennials by List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers advertising your online store on Facebook. Generation Z People born in Members of this generation are often referr to as digital natives. Born after, they have been in contact with technology all their lives, so they are real experts in using mobile devices and social mia. They are online anytime and anywhere.

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