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Do not take photos and videos from the Internet subscribers are more intereste in watching stories with your participation. Interesting content in stories. Boomerang and rewind. The Boomerang feature allows you to post stories in a loop. And with the help of rewind, you can make funny videos in which, for example, you walk backwards. Turn this format into a game sing a song and rewind. Let the subscribers guess what song it is. Series with a character. If you have a lot of time and want to be creative, you can come up with a series with a character and show it in a story.

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For example a sock walks around the apartment or potatoes run away from the kitchen. Series with story character Life tricks. Have you just learne how to play the guitar with your feet? Could you stay awake for three days? Did you make a frying pan that you forgot in the kitchen a week ago? Please tell us how you did it People Cayman Islands Mobile Number List love life’s tricks. You can also post master classes, lectures, tips on any topic. Life hack in Instagram Stories. Emoji slider. Stories have an interactive sticker an emoji slider. This allows subscribers to answer questions by dragging and dropping emoji.

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So subscribers can share their feelings and emotions with you without words. You can ask how good the new movie is, what mood your friends are in and whether they like your new photo. Story ideas with the emoji slider Question answer. The stories List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers have Questions stickers. Convenient because you don’t have to come up with new topics yourself. Just get questions from subscribers, choose the most interesting ones and answer them in the next videos. Q&A on Instagram Stories Quiz. Create a multiple choice question up to four. If the subscriber guesse the correct answer, he will see fireworks.

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