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This is a list of promotion names in other languages: In latin: Aurum ties : golden ties. Incip vita nova : start a new life Natus est victoria : born for success. Semper iuncti : together forever. Simul vincemu s : together we will win Unum cor : one heart. Vide te mox : we’ll see you soon. In Italian: Fratelli di cuore : blood brothers. Fratelli di vita : brothers of life. Legami di fratell i: ties of brothers Nata per vincere : born to win.

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Uniti per tutto : united for everything. svg E Names of personalities Another idea for promotion names is to give them a personality related to the struggles of human and civil rights, demands, peace and activism. Also, they could be enlightened figures who transcended b2b leads through the ages for their leadership, illustration and influence. Below, this is a list of some personalities in history: Nelson Mandela : politician, anti-racism activist in South Africa. Malala Yousafzai : activist and youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner. Mahatma Gandhi : Human Rights defender and pacifist leader of India.

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Martin Luther King : civil rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner. Nikola Tesla : physicist, inventor and father of alternative energy. Ima Sumac : Peruvian singer and music icon in the world. Orson Welles : actor, director, screenwriter, radio host. Jean-Jacques Rousseau : philosopher and great thinker of the Enlightenment. Father of modern pedagogy. Flora Tristán : Advocate of divorce and List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers promoter of modern feminism. Marie Curie : Pioneer of radioactivity. Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry. Nelson-mandela-names-promotion commemorative names In some cases, students wish to honor the name of a teacher whom they greatly appreciate.

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