Content input and testing

The download speed also has a researched effect on the conversion of e-shops, for example. Sami: “If package solutions are weak in terms of performance. Then a customized solution is not when there is nothing unnecessary or extra. There is often excess in ready-made themes or ready-made solutions. Too much that the customer doesn’t need. Because of that, the site is slower or not all the code there is valid and optimized. Of course, when the finished theme is implemented in such. A  way that it would work for as many people as possible and there would be a solution to as many problem situations as possible.” Of course, it is also possible to build fast websites with ready-made themes, but you should definitely be careful about this when choosing a theme.

In addition to the theme

The cache, and the number and size of various media files. Custom WordPress websites are often very high performance. Performance Germany Phone Number List meter on the back of the computer. Further development and maintenance is easy It is worth paying attention to the further development and maintenance of the website already during its implementation. So that the website serves the company for as long as possible. Sami: “When a customized website is done correctly. . Of course, when technology .

Its life cycle can be very long


From the point of view of further development . A customized website enables you to go there to do things a List of Real Mobile Phone Numberst any time. . Because of this, keeping updates up-to-date is one of the most important things when it comes to the security of WordPress sites. Sami: “Of course, from an information security point of view, it’s also good to take into account whether the selected theme is a popular theme that will receive updates. If it’s not very popular,

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