15 Tools to send large files for FREE from your computer or mobile

15 Tools to send large files for FREE from your computer or mobile. In this article I am going to show you the 15 best tools to send large files by email or mail , and all of it completely free. You will find tools that you can use from your computer as well as apps that you can use from any mobile device. Sharing and transferring files is something we do every day, so having tools like this makes our job much easier. Are you trying to send heavy emails through your email and there is no way? Well then don’t miss these tools for sending large files, because they will surely quickly solve this problem.

How to send large files for FREE from your computer

1.- Wetransfer WeTransfer is the best way to send large files for free, at least it is one of my favorites and one of the ones I use the most. The file can be sent via email to the recipient or you can obtain the link and then send it using the mechanism you decide. The free version of Wetransfer allows: Send large files up to 2 GB. The file will be available for 1 week and then it will be deleted. No user registration required. You can send a personalized message to the destination email. The Wetransfer Plus version is email database  paid and allows you to send files of up to 20 GB, with a storage space of 100 GB and with the possibility of adding a password to access the content, and thus better protection.

Google Drive

2.- Google Drive: Google Drive allows you to have 15 GB of free storage just by having a Gmail account. The process of creating a Gmail account List Of Real Mobile Phone Numbers  can cost you less than 1 minute, so I recommend that you have this great space and service to share and transfer large files with other friends, professionals or clients in your sector. The free version of Drive allows you to: Have 15 GB of storage. Upload files and share it with the people you want. Get the link where users can access it. Share the document and allows online work for different people.

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